Notice concerning COVID-19

Network Capacity

We understand that, at this time, our customers expect to have a reliable and performing network with which to work and play. For this reason, we recently invested a significant amount of money to increase the capacity of our backbone network 10 times, so you have nothing to worry about!

Contactless installation

If you are interested in becoming a customer with us, be aware that the majority of installations are contactless and therefore do not require an appointment with a technician. If you are a current subscriber - or have been subscribed in the past with Videotron or any other provider using cable technology, no technician is required to activate your services. Your equipment will be delivered by Canada Post. Here are some resources available to you: - Activation procedure - Equipment installation procedure - Canada Post Covid-19 Update Please do not hesitate to contact our team to verify if you are eligible for a contactless installation.

Technician appointment - Safety measures

If you do not qualify for the contactless installation or if your service is down and a technician appointment is required, here are the steps taken to keep you and your family safe. From now on and as a preventive measure, we require the technician to ask customers the following questions before carrying out any work: - Are you or one of the occupants of your home showing symptoms related to COVID-19, have been diagnosed or have been placed in preventive isolation for 14 days because of the virus? - Are you or any of the occupants of your home returning from a trip? If you or a family member is showing symptoms of COVID-19, the technician will leave your home. We then ask you to contact us in order to schedule an appointment at a later time. We ensure that all of our employees who show symptoms of COVID-19, who have been diagnosed or who are returning from abroad are placed in isolation for a period of 14 days.