oxiotv lets you watch then watch some more.

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If you run out of shows to watch, we’ve included Stingray Music so you never miss a beat.

  • Your first receiver is free
  • Replay Function(on eligible channels)
  • Cloud recordings
  • Intuitive HD guide

Content to your heart’s content.

We like to make watching stuff fun.

Combined functionalities you won't find anywhere else.

  • Cloud recordings

    Watch your recorded shows anywhere at home, regardless of the receiver used to record it.

  • Wi-Fi Receiver

    Your receiver doesn't need to be connected to the cable to get a signal.

  • Compact and silent

    The receiver is very small and doesn't make any noise.

  • Easy installation

    Installing your receiver is child's play.

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Mix and match bundles and channels to get what you actually want.

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