Our mission is simple : to give you access to the best internet available in your area at the best possible price.

One service, one price

Here at oxio, there are no timed promotions. We work very hard to keep our prices competitive, and those prices are what you get. We make sure to keep them as low as possible all the while keeping the company viable. No more need for haggling over the cost of your plan on the phone for hours. Our best price is the one on our website, and it’s the same one for everyone.

Services you actually need

Here at oxio, we have no interest in selling you services you don’t need. We want your service to cater to your actual internet usage. We’re not trying to rope you into our system to then inflate your invoice. Furthermore, if ever your needs change, you can easily modify your plan to make it suit your situation.


Here at oxio, we will never sneak about when it comes to pricing. We value transparency above all else, and we do not want to keep our pricing decisions opaque and under wraps. There will never be a change to what you pay without you being told about it in detail.

May 1st 2021 Changes

Because we want your lousy experiences with previous providers to finally stop being associated to frustration, we are establishing a new money-back guarantee.

It is our ongoing mission to change up the world of telecommunications that has led us to this : a 60-day Money-Back Guarantee policy. It's our very own way of further cementing our dedication to offering a great service like no other. Like our little excellence badge, if you will.

As of the 1st of May, we will be replacing our 30-day trial with this policy, so that you can subscribe to oxio completely stress-free. This policy was designed to give you ample time to try out our services, and to put your faith in us. As we are still offering a contract-less subscription system, getting a refund is very simple : just contact our customer service agents.


All refund requests submitted within the 60 days following the activation date of your services will be honored.

Note that, as per usual, all equipment return costs are on us and refunds are issued only following the equipment's reception. In the event of equipment not being sent back, fees will be charged. Accounts with an unpaid balance cannot benefit from this policy and only one refund is allowed per client.

April 5th 2021 Changes

Some adjustments to parts of our offer will be made on the 5th of April 2021.

These changes apply only to our new clients. All current clients will not be impacted by these changes, as they are the ones who had faith in us in the beginning. We have decided to express our thanks by keeping their monthly fees the same.

The changes

  • The internet plan for 15 Mbps will go from $30 to $37 /month.
  • All TV plans, except the base one, will be $5 /month higher.
  • These changes will not affect clients subscribed before April 5th.


    The reason is simple. Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, internet consumption in Quebec has shot up by 33.92%, meaning that operating costs for network operators have also gone up. This situation forces us to revise our pricing plans to ensure that we can keep on providing our services all the way into the far future.

    It is with a heavy heart that we have come to this decision, but, at least, it allows us to truly prove to you that we are not mincing our words when it comes to honesty. We mean to tackle situations like these just so : with transparency and clarity.

    Our promise

    To defend the interests of Canadian consumers when it comes to internet network providers and the CRTC so that they can hold control over their internet services and pay only for what they really need. We want to see the things change and the status quo is our biggest opponent.