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We exist to change the way people connect with their internet service provider (ISP). We believe that the intangible bonds that we weave are the strongest.

We wake up each morning to humanize technology, taking care of each and every customer, and offering them innovative, fair and equitable internet access.



From the Latin connexionem (nominative connexio « connect together »)



Who we are

Marc-André Campagna

CEO & Cofounder

Francis Careau

VP Product and Technology & Cofounder

Jérôme Cinq-Mars


Mathieu Hétu

Technical Director

Audrey Desgagnes

Client Experience Specialist

Pierre-Michel Lévesque

Client Experience Specialist

Simon Frenette

Full Stack Developer

Gabriel Laflamme

Full Stack Developer

Alexandre Verret

Full Stack Developer

Our investors

We are proud to be supported by several leading venture capital firms, including 
Kima Ventures, Investissement Québec and Anges Québec.

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