Unlimited internet. Because the internet wasn’t made to be limited.

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The basics are all included.

  • Free installation
  • Stable speed, always
  • Free modem and router
  • Unlimited downloads
  • No contract

Great for one person who doesn’t stream a lot.


Wonderful for up to four devices at the same time.

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We’re radically transparent about absolutely everything.

We’re making access to the internet as fair, sustainable and transparent as it was made to be. And we’re starting by making sure you know where every single dollar goes.

10 Mbps
30 Mbps
60 Mbps
120 Mbps
200 Mbps

Monthly Cost Breakdown

Investing in our customers upfront, while committing to fair and sustainable pricing, means we only make money if you like us enough to stick around.

Our Price

oxio Price vs. Average Market Price

Statistics based on similar plans available elsewhere (promotions and shipping, rental, activation, and installation fees included).

Our Price
Avr. Market Price

This breakdown is based on upfront costs amortized over a 5-year period and is the most accurate representation of our sustainable pricing model.
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The eero 6 is no ordinary router.

We’ve teamed up with eero to offer our intelligent, thrifty, lovable customers the eero 6 router. The eero 6 uses Wi-Fi 6 to support faster speeds and is smart enough to prioritize the sites you use most. And, most importantly, it takes your privacy seriously with built-in ad-blocking and parental controls that are as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Oh, and it’s included with your internet package.

See what else the eero does.

We take your privacy seriously.

With eero 6 your privacy is built-in. Ad blocking, parental controls and tracker prevention all make your internet a safer place to spend your time. With oxio and eero 6 you’ll actually be able to control your digital life. It is yours after all.

We’ve got your back. With content filters, individual site blocking on specific devices and wifi scheduling (that’s right, you can actually pause the internet on your kids’ devices), eero 6 makes parenting easier. At least when it comes to the internet.

Your internet keeps no secrets. Track data usage, monitor network activity, and see how your eero’s been protecting you. And, to keep it all transparent, you’ll get wifi usage per device, weekly reports by email and automatic speed tests.

Wi-Fi 6 ups your wifi game. TrueMesh connects all your eero 6’s to make sure you’ve got wifi everywhere you need it. And, as if that wasn’t enough, eero 6 connects and controls compatible smart devices by doubling as a Zigbee smart home hub.

eero Secure+
Add layers of privacy, security and convenience with access to four top-rated security apps for $8/month.

Add it to my internet plan.
$18 /month
$8 /month
1Password family plan safely creates, stores, and shares your passwords across devices.
Malwarebytes protects up to three devices when they’re on and off your network.
Encrypt.me family plan lets you browse the web privately and securely with a VPN.
DDNS makes it easier to connect to your home network devices and content, even when you’re on the go.

You deserve affordable, unlimited internet.

  • No more buffering.

    Priority connections to your favorite platforms including: Netflix, PSN, Xbox Live, etc.

  • Stay connected inside and out.

    From your home office to the treefort out back, keep your whole home covered by adding more eero devices to your network.

  • A connection that won’t let you down.

    Our hybrid-fibre network continuously offers you the best performance.

  • Installation that makes sense.

    Installation is easy with clear, step-by-step instructions. And of course, we’re here if you need backup.

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