Unlimited home internet. Because the internet wasn’t made to be limited.

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10 Mbit/s
$40 /mo.
30 Mbit/s
$50 /mo.
60 Mbit/s
$53 /mo.
120 Mbit/s
$63 /mo.
200 Mbit/s
$80 /mo.
400 Mbit/s
$84 /mo.

The basics are all included.

Everything you need to actually use your internet is included.
Because it should be.

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There’s not much to say here. Not including installation would just be straight-up mean.

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Stable speed,

Knowing what you need is always a good place to start. Test your speed with

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Modem and
router included.

Tech-y modem. Yup. Awesome router. Absolutely.

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Share, meme, stream, game, wiki, email, connect until your heart’s content.

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Contracts? lol. What is this 2001? At oxio there are no contracts. Ever. Like never ever.

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The eero 6 is no ordinary router

We’ve teamed up with eero to offer our intelligent, thrifty, lovable customers the eero 6 router. The eero 6 uses Wi-Fi 6 to support faster speeds and is smart enough to prioritize the sites you use most. And, most importantly, it takes your privacy seriously with built-in ad-blocking and parental controls that are as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Oh, and it’s included with your internet package.

We take your privacy seriously.

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With eero 6 your privacy is built-in.

Ad blocking, parental controls and tracker prevention all make your internet a safer place to spend your time. With oxio and eero 6 you’ll actually be able to control your digital life. It is yours after all.

We’ve got your back.

With content filters, individual site blocking on specific devices and wifi scheduling (that’s right, you can actually pause the internet on your kids’ devices), eero 6 makes parenting easier. At least when it comes to the internet.

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Your internet keeps no secrets.

Track data usage, monitor network activity, and see how your eero’s been protecting you. And, to keep it all transparent, you’ll get wifi usage per device, weekly reports by email and automatic speed tests.

Wi-Fi 6 ups your wifi game.

TrueMesh connects all your eero 6’s to make sure you’ve got wifi everywhere you need it. And, as if that wasn’t enough, eero 6 connects and controls compatible smart devices by doubling as a Zigbee smart home hub.

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eero Secure+

Add layers of privacy, security and convenience with access to four top-rated security apps for $8/month.

Learn more about Secure+

Internet that's got your back

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Installing oxio internet is as simple as can be.

We’ve done our best to provide you with step-by-step instructions for installing your oxio internet. But, in some cases, a technician is needed to test your coaxial cable and activate oxio services. This normally happens because your home isn't set up for coaxial internet or your coaxial cable isn't active. Either way, we’re here to help if you need it.

Take a look for yourself.
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Our tech is smart.

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We take your privacy and security seriously.

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We’re all about fair, sustainably priced internet.

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We won’t raise your monthly bill just because.

Being nice shouldn’t be an afterthought.

4.5 on Google. 4.7 on PlanHub.
The reviews are in and we’re as obsessed with your internet as you are.

We’re here to share the internet.

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