Ground Rules

Last Updated June 7, 2024

We’re excited that you’ve decided to join oxio! We think you’re going to love it here. You should know before we get into our relationship that we have a few ground rules!

Some of them may seem super obvious, but in case it’s not obvious by now we really value transparency so we’re laying it all out.

About you and how we talk to each other

We’re all humans - and we need to know who we’re working with! While we love a mystery as much as the next team, you need to sign up for our service using your real name. Sorry Batman - no aliases, just-the-initials, or company names.

For now, we only provide internet to people at their homes - we don’t sell to businesses, or landlords. So signing up at multiple addresses or sharing your connection with other apartments isn’t cool!

Because we’re an all-digital, all-online company, you’ll also need to use a valid email address - and keep it up to date - because this is where we’ll send everything from your order updates to monthly bills and promotions.

Your email address is as important as the address where you’re getting the internet!

We don’t offer customer service, technical support, or any other kind of support over the phone.

To make sure we’re protecting all your sensitive info, we’ll ask you to verify your identity by giving us some info (like email address, account number, or other details) before we get too far into our conversation, and we’ll sometimes need to ask you to message us from one of the places we have listed on your account (like the email address or phone number you used to sign up).

For policy geeks, you can see our privacy policy.

Our 60-day satisfaction guarantee

We really care about providing the best service we can. It’s why we created a 60-day satisfaction guarantee! If, during the first 60 days of your service, you’re not happy with our service, you can have a quick chat with us and we’ll refund you what you’ve paid us so far.

To keep things fair, we’ll give you instructions on how to send back all of our equipment, and once we get it back in one piece we’ll process your refund.

We won’t refund anyone whose account isn’t paid up, anyone who is trying to take advantage of us (like signing up multiple times, trying to use the guarantee at multiple addresses, etc.) or otherwise acting in bad faith.

Getting free internet (seriously!)

We mean it when we say customers love our service - and we love it when you tell your friends, family, coworkers, strangers on the bus… which is why we have a great referral program!

Once you sign up, you’ll get a unique referral code you can share with people. Every time someone uses your referral code, you both get a free month of oxio. For the referee, the first month is free. For the referrer, it’s once the referee starts their third month of oxio.

For all the important, nitty-gritty details read our blog article.

You can earn a ton of free internet - one customer has 10+ years of free credit! - but you should know that referral credits are non-refundable if you ever need to leave oxio.

Sharing your referral code

While we encourage you to share your referral code with absolutely anyone, anytime, anywhere, ensure to remain truthful about its promo - AKA 1 month free only.

oxio does not nor ever has used referral codes for anything greater than 1 month free.

Alluding that your referral code does anything more than this is harmful to both the new customer and the oxio brand. We endorse a fair playing field for all!

About our equipment

Vintage is cool - but only when it’s in working order. Any equipment we lend you will need to be returned at the end of your time with us - which we hope will be a long, long time from now! You need to return things to us in a similar condition that you’d want to receive them as a new customer.

We know accidents happen sometimes though, so if your equipment gets damaged or lost, we’ll claim the cost of the equipment you have. You can see all the costs in the chart below.

To try and reduce waste, and to keep shipping costs down, we don’t include coaxial cables in our shipments, and you’ll need to buy your own if you don’t already have a box full of them somewhere!

If you ever decide to leave oxio, if we’re swapping out equipment for you, or if we ask you to send stuff back to us, we need to get it back at our warehouse within 21 days or we’ll need to charge you for it.

Equipement Brand/Model Price
Modem Sercomm DM1000 $180
Modem Hitron CDA3-35 $150
Modem Hitron CDA-RES$150 
Modem Hitron CODA-45 $160
Modem Arris TM822G $100
Modem Motorola SB6121 $100
Modem Technicolor TC4400 $150
Router eero 6 $130
Router Smart RG SR516ac $125
Router Smart RG SR616ac $125
Router Smart RG SR400ac $150
Router Smart RG SR905acv $175
RouterSatellite SmartRG SE80ac $150
Telephone AdapterGrandstream HT812 $90
TV ReceiverSLK$120
TV ReceiverSLKv2 $120
TV ReceiverSLKv3 $120
TV ReceiverRemote Control $30
Power CableRegardless of the model$20

Working with local partners

To get you online, we partner with local network providers across the country.

Sometimes, you might ask us for something that we need their help with (like sending a technician to your place, or to investigate a local outage). When that happens, we reach out to our local partners to get the ball rolling, and sometimes that takes time.

In some cases, we won’t be able to provide you with exact details or timing on certain things until we hear back from them. We’ll always let you know what we know - but sometimes we’ll ask you to hang tight until we hear back from someone else, while we wait for the same update!

The things that aren’t included in your monthly fee:

Our accountants keep reminding us that we can’t include everything in our service no matter how much we want to.

Some things come with fees charged by our local partners or suppliers - we’ll remind you of them before we need to charge you for them, but, to be transparent, here they are up front!

ItemFeesRestriction (delay)
Billing and Account Management
Reactivation of account suspended for non-payment$25-
Insufficient funds, returned payment or direct debit payment refusal$12-
Seasonal interruption, if the network backbone is on : Cogeco, Shaw or Vidéotron$30At any time
Seasonal interruption, if the network backbone is on : Rogers$100365 days
Delay in return of oxio Equipment$20 + Equipment-
Internet Service
Speed change$0$5 if already used within the specified time90 days
Addition of an eeroCurrent prices on our websiteAt any time
Adding the eero Secure+ serviceCurrent prices on our websiteAt any time
Removal of an eero$0At any time
Removal of the eero Secure+ service$0At any time
TV Service
Addition of TV serviceCurrent prices on our websiteAt any time, unless the service was previously terminated less than 36 days ago
Adding specialty channels to an existing serviceCurrent prices on our websiteAt any time
Addition of premium package to an existing serviceCurrent prices on our websiteAt any time
Addition of a TV receiver$0At any time
Removal of a TV receiver$0At any time
Complete withdrawal of the TV service$0At any time
Removal of specialized channels$036 days from the last change to your channel selection
Removal of a premium package$036 days from the initial activation of the premium package
Modification to your specialized channels selection$036 days from the last modification of your specialized channels selection
Telephone Service
Addition of the telephone serviceCurrent prices on our websiteAt any time
Removal of a block of 1000 U.S. long-distance minutes$15At any time
Withdrawal of phone service$0At any time

When something breaks - or doesn’t go according to plan

The internet is a big, messy place sometimes - and is mostly a series of wires, many thousands of kilometers long, buried under the street or strung along poles across Canada.

Sometimes, a cable will be cut, the power will go out somewhere, or there will be a technical issue that slows down or stops your connection for a while. A truck on the way to your house might get a flat tire, or someone might call in sick. It sucks, but it happens.

We’ll do our best to keep your services up and running - or get them back online when there’s an issue. Our team of real-people-behind-a-screen customer care folks can get you a credit equal to the time that you were offline, as long as you contact us within two weeks after the problem is fixed.

For example:

If your bill is $55 a month after tax, and your internet was out for two days in October, you can ask for a credit of $3.55 - which is about what you would have paid us for internet for those two days ($55 / 31 days, x2).

Sometimes life happens, and not all of it is in our control, so we don’t provide any credits for any lost wages, time, equipment, data overages, appointments that need to be rescheduled, burnt pizzas or missed TV shows. We’re also unable to credit you for any intermittent or occasional issues with our services, or issues that can only be resolved by our local network partners. Sorry!

Talking - respectfully - with real people

We’re a proudly online-only, all-digital company that does all our business over the internet. Sometimes, people forget that there’s a real person on the other side of the screen.

We have absolutely zero tolerance for any kind of rude, disrespectful, vulgar, or harassing behaviour towards our team.

If you harass, abuse, threaten, swear at, or otherwise act poorly towards our staff, we might have to break up. This could include, as a last resort, terminating our agreements and services and banning you from our networks. The world needs more kindness and we’ll try to lead by example.

Canceling your services

We’d hate to see you go, and hope that if you have an issue you’ll reach out to us at so we can help you fix it! But, if you need to cancel your services, reach out to us via email or SMS using the email address or phone number we have on file for you. We’ll verify your identity by asking a few questions to keep your account safe and secure, and then talk about next steps.

Because we partner with local networks and pay a fee for your connection, contacting us to arrange a cancellation is super important!

We can’t refund or credit you for time you “weren’t using your connection.” Just unplugging your equipment and/or sending it back to us will not cancel your service or stop your billing, since we’ll both still be responsible for the fees and charges of your connection until the cancellation is officially processed!