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We exist to change the way people connect with their internet service provider (ISP). We believe that the intangible bonds that we weave are the strongest.

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What we

We believe in equal access to the opportunities that the internet provides.

The internet means something different to everyone. A way to stay in touch, travel, shop, learn, create. To us, it’s a way to empower people—to connect everyone to the opportunities the internet provides in a secure, accessible and convenient way. We’re here to share the importance of equal access one story, post, meme, stream, game, wiki, email, connection (phew) at a time. We‘re here because we believe that if everyone had equal access to the opportunities found on the internet, we’d see a lot of pretty great things from a lot of unexpected people.

Give a damn (aka our values)

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Empathy & customer obsession.

We’ve all been customers before. And that means we know how to offer our customers an experience they’ll actually like. You know, treat ‘em the way we’d want to be treated. Put ourselves in their shoes. Understand where they’re coming from. Obsess over their experience. And do it all without being asked. Why? Well, if literally everything we do is for our customers (it is), we’d better understand them. Be empathic. Actually give a damn.

Okay, okay, but: WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?! Well, we’ve been known to hand deliver oxio equipment to customers who just can’t wait. To send a bottle of wine when we know that, if we were in their shoes, we definitely could’ve used a drink. In short: put the customer first.

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Radical transparency.

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Free spirit.

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