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For now, this service is only available in certain regions of Québec. To see if we’re available in your neighbourhood, click Add to my plan.

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Sure you can watch TV on the internet. But it’s just not the same as really real actually live TV.

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Oh, and we’ve thrown in Stingray Music. You know, in case there’s nothing on.

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Everything you need to actually watch your oxio TV is included.

Your first oxio TV receiver is included in your package.

Additional receivers are $5 each per month. We know, we know. Charging extra is pretty lame. But, each receiver costs us $100. We’d go broke if we included anymore than one.

oxio TV comes with a remote!

Yeah... So that isn’t super impressive news. But, it is good to know! If you’re looking for more info on our remote, it’s right here.

oxio TV and oxio internet were made for each other.

You’ll need a 30 Mbps oxio internet plan (or faster) to subscribe to oxio TV. But don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it all during the sign up process.

For now, oxio TV is only available in Québec.

Click right here to see if oxio TV is available in your neighbourhood.

The guide to everything oxio TV is right here.

oxio TV is just like other TV—we promise.

We know that internet TV has kind of a bad rap. But, we’ve worked hard to make watching oxio TV as smooth as can be. Here’s a bit of a crash course on the differences between traditional and internet TV:

Traditional TV is delivered into your home through a cable, satellite or antenna. Cable and satellite both work by letting you “tune in” to whats being broadcast—cable via a wire and satellite through the air. The big difference with internet TV is that it’s delivered via the internet to your oxio TV receiver. Seriously. That’s it.

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We offer most channels. Not all. But almost all.

Changing channels is as easy as click, click, click, click.

Bundles aren’t all they’re bundled up to be.

For now, oxio TV is only available in Québec.

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