Company values

The values that define our mission

Our vision is based on people and transparency. We yearn to deliver unmatched reliability in the world of telecommunication services.

Obsession for our clients

We empathize with our clients and take the time to understand their frustrations, needs and desires.

Free Spirit - Fiercely Independent

Bureaucracy, politics and frigid hierarchy have no place at oxio. We are a meritocracy that values ​​results beyond formal titles. oxio is a living organism, working by positive osmosis to propel individuals within the organization to reach their full potential. The marginalized are welcome here.


Do not take yourself too seriously... life is short. Develop your eccentricities when you are young so that people don't think it's a result of old age. Necessity might be the mother of invention, but fun is certainly the father.

Act like an owner

Act like an owner. Think long-term and do not sacrifice long-term value for short-term results. Act on behalf of all of society, beyond your own team. Never say, "It's not my job."

Innovate and simplify

Leaders expect their teams to innovate and invent. They always find a way to simplify. They are aware of what is being done elsewhere, are constantly looking for new ideas and are not limited to what is being done around them. When we create new things, we accept the risk of being misunderstood for a long time.

Explore - Learn and be curious

Leaders have never finished learning and are always looking to improve. They are curious about new possibilities and are looking to explore them. It is only in a state of open curiosity that we can explore, dream and germinate ideas in our minds. For starters, we need to ask silly questions, like a 6 year old. Exploring ideas through books, experiments or any other means is strongly encouraged.

Insist on the highest standards

Leaders have excessively high standards. Many people will think that these standards are unreasonably high - do not lower your standards. Leaders are continually raising the bar by leading their teams to deliver high quality products, services and processes.

Dream big

Thinking small is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Leaders should create and communicate a bold direction that inspires results. They should think differently and look for solutions to better serve their customers.

Bias for action

Velocity is very important in business. Many decisions and actions are reversible and do not require in-depth study. We value calculated risk taking.


Accomplish more with less. Constraints generate resourcefulness, self-sufficiency and innovation. There are no additional points for growing the size of the workforce, budget or fixed expenses.

Produce results

Leaders focus on their company's key performance indicators. They want to provide them with the highest quality while respecting delivery objectives. Despite setbacks, they are up to the challenge and never accept failure.


We are a problem solving company. Our work demands that we be brutally honest and fully dedicated to the truth. Without knowing the truth in every detail, how can we tackle a problem? The tendency to be kind and veil the truth is so pervasive in humans that it can rightly be considered a characteristic of human nature. We fight this characteristic to get to the bottom of things.