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Term contracts, nope. Price hikes, gone.
100% digital, 100% nice.
We're here to be with you only if you want to be with us.

Being nice shouldn’t be an afterthought.

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The reviews are in and we’re as obsessed with your internet as you are.

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We actually give a damn about you.

We know, we know you have your doubts and that’s very fair. The bar is pretty low. But that’s what makes us, well us: we actually give a damn. We’re here to insulate you from all the big telco bullshit. How? By being the best internet service provider (ISP) we can be. Oh, and by just being there when you need us—shout out to our local and super duper friendly customer service.

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We’re here to share the internet.

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Internet as transparent as it was made to be.

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