Free internet for the next decade: Interview with an oxio top referrer.
June 29, 2023

Free internet for the next decade: Interview with an oxio top referrer.

Picture of article author Shion Periy
Shion Periy

We interviewed one of the top oxio referrers of 2023.

This customer in particular has the next decade+ of internet service free. Yup, you read that right. Over 10 years of FREE internet.

But how?

Well, it’s thanks to our referral program. And of course, all the hustle and hard work he put in with his referral code.

Oh! I should probably introduce him first. Meet Sebastian, one of oxio’s top referrers of 2023 and an all-around pleasant customer to chat with. Sebastian’s oxio referral code has been used by so many new customers that he doesn't have to worry about paying his internet bill for the next “little while.”

For context, every oxio customer is provided a unique referral code that they can share wherever and with whomever. When someone signs up using this referral code, they get their first month on us, and the referrer (owner of the code) also gets a month on us after the referee (new customer) has been with oxio for 3 months.

We started this referral program as a way to give back to the oxio community that helped us get where we are today. If you’re new to our referral program, or perhaps just looking around, you can read more about the referral program here.

Sebastian has helped introduce over 170 (and counting) new customers to the oxio community that you know and love.

I had a chance to sit down and chat with Sebastian - online of course - to discuss his journey with oxio and pick his brain on our current referral program.

*Please note: We kept the answers as honest and raw without cutting out too much. Buuut we did have to paraphrase some answers a few times when some dialect of the interview did not translate in a way that made sense when written.

What led you to choose oxio as your internet provider?

Primarily, it was the appealing monthly rate. A lot of companies were quite expensive, so I went through some online blogs asking about some of the cheapest providers in Canada. oxio kept coming up as one of these providers. I went through a few smaller companies that offered these discount rates, but I really liked the design of oxio, and there was something about it that I thought was really, really cool. I just really liked what you guys were about. I’m not sure if I should swear or not… (me interrupting saying you can absolutely swear haha) but I also really liked the no bullshit approach. There wasn’t any fluff, everything was to the point, and it was very casual language. For me, that was a really appealing thing about oxio.

[Aside from the editor: We think our design is really cool too! And we always keep it casual here. Did you know the opposite of Formaldehyde is Casualdejekyll? Get it? Cause… okay back to Sebastian’s interview.]

Before joining, how has your experience been with other internet providers in Canada?

I was living in a big apartment complex, and my old provider was pretty good. The reason I moved away from them was because I moved to a smaller apartment, and they didn’t cover that. I was pretty happy with the service I had received, but honestly… I much prefer the service I’ve received from oxio in general. Primarily the customer service aspect. I had some issues with some connectivity, and you guys were very quick to respond and sort out the issues that same day. Although my experience with my last provider was pretty good, I find internet companies are hard to get a hold of, particularly if they’re larger. With oxio I do feel like a person as opposed to a number.

With oxio I do feel like a person as opposed to a number.

What are your thoughts on oxio's current referral program?

I think it’s great. For me, it was a great incentive to refer others. I’ve recommended oxio to so many people (Aside from the editor: Oh yeah, I saw that). I think companies don’t put enough value on referrals, and that can make a huge difference to customers and their experience.

How much have you saved so far with our referral program?

My plan is $54.88 a month, and I haven’t had to pay since the first month… that I’ve had for over a year. So I’ve probably saved over $600.

I’ve probably saved over $600.

[Aside from the editor: Me thinking about all the important things I could spend $600 on. That’s like a whole weekend getaway vacation, or a new tablet, or 2115 tide pods…]

Care to share how you get your referral code out there?

A big part of it is just talking on online blogs or chatting with friends. I know a lot of people who do pay very, very high prices, and I think a lot of it comes down to them not shopping around. Whenever you type in “internet deals” the big companies come up first, and if you don’t have a look, you can miss out on saving a lot of money that way. So I often talk about it with friends, Facebook groups, and referral code groups.

[Aside from the editor: Word of mouth is just as powerful today as it was 10 years ago, even more so with how quick and easy it is to share information online. Hmm maybe if carrier pigeons make a return we can share referral codes that way.]

How has your experience been with our customer care team?

Really good. Really, really good. It’s quite clear that oxio holds reputation quite highly in company values. I just feel very connected with the team. The way I’ve been helped, it just feels like I’m talking to a friend as opposed to a company. Someone that’s actually trying to help.

It just feels like I’m talking to a friend as opposed to a company.

Any parting comments or thoughts you'd like to share with our readers and anyone thinking of choosing oxio as their provider?

I think really it’s just good to support a company like oxio that genuinely cares about their customers. There’s definitely a moral spectrum I feel like the company really has. You’re going to get more bang for your buck, you’re going to get higher quality, and obviously, the referral program makes it all the more appealing.

The oxio referral program more than anything has allowed us to give back to the oxio community. It’s truly the customers and fans that have helped oxio become what it is today. And hey, if you decide to spread your love of oxio as much as our top referrers, you may just find yourself internet-bill-free for the next month or two!

A big thank you to Sebastian for sharing your oxio experience with us! We look forward to continuing having you as a valued customer here at oxio.

Picture of article author Shion Periy
Shion Periy

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