5 reasons NOT to change internet providers when moving
May 25, 2022

5 reasons NOT to change internet providers when moving

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We’re constantly searching out the best services, for the best prices. For some, moving means changing their home internet service provider, but that’s not necessarily the right decision to make. Coming up: we reveal 5 reasons not to change internet service providers when you move!

1. The price of your internet isn’t likely to increase any time soon

The main reason why people who move want to change internet providers is the price! Let's face it, we’re tempted to find a provider that offers lower prices than we’re paying. But beware of those hidden fees and the terms and conditions of the offers you see. It might be better in the long run for you to stay with the same internet provider, especially if they do their best not to increase the price of your package as long as you stick around. If this is the type of provider you’re with, think about it before switching.

2. You’re currently satisfied with your internet speed

Why would you want to change if you’re currently happy with your internet speed? When you change providers, you run the risk of ending up with a less efficient network. If your current provider consistently delivers a high-speed internet connection, with little or no interruption, stick with it.

Do you think your internet consumption will change after moving to your new place? We suggest staying with your current provider and modifying your current plan for one that fits your new internet needs.

3. You’re currently satisfied with the customer service you get

Just like reason number two, if you’re currently satisfied with the customer service being offered, you should definitely not change internet providers. This aspect is probably just as important as the technical services you get. A company that offers you very good customer service is a company that stands out from the rest. In addition to being served by a professional and polite agent, benefiting from 100% online customer service is a big plus: forget those long waits on the phone!

4. You can reuse the same equipment = good for the environment!

If you’re still not convinced, this reason will probably make you change your mind. By sticking with your internet provider when you move, you’ll keep the equipment you already have, which is very good for the environment. Unlike a new agreement with another provider, you probably won’t need to get a new router or pay other costs such as those annoying one time connection fees.

5. Transferring your internet will be even faster and easier

During a move, there are already so many things to manage and changes to make. You don't want to waste any more valuable time finding a new internet service provider. Not to mention the paperwork that comes with it. Not changing internet providers will make moving your internet even easier, faster, and usually free. Some providers even allow you to transfer or move your internet independently. You don't even need to contact them.


Staying with the same internet provider is not just a question of integrity or loyalty. The benefits and reasons for not switching providers are undeniable. In short, staying with your provider is cheaper, easier and faster. All you have to do is change your address in a few clicks, pack up your equipment, then install it in your new home. You’ll see that it’s pleasant to move without worrying too much about your internet!

Picture of article author MovingWaldo
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