Four reasons why students choose oxio internet.
September 10, 2023

Four reasons why students choose oxio internet.

Picture of article author Shion Periy
Shion Periy

Back to school is in the air.

The time of new wardrobes, new school supplies, and most importantly… new internet.

There’s enough to worry about with a new semester on the horizon. New schedules, finding easy… er, cool electives, getting new textbooks, figuring out how to make ramen noodles. With all this going on, having reliable access to the internet with sustainable prices should be the least of your worries.

Here’s where we come in. oxio offers reliable internet that you can count on. There for you when cramming for an exam, and up all night with you procrastinating on that paper. Internet that just works.

Here are 4 reasons why oxio internet is the best-suited provider for all your student needs.

No term contracts.

From campus dorms to student housing to moving back to the folk's place. Students are always on the go and can’t be tied down to annual contracts. At oxio, we don’t do term contracts, so it works with your 8-month student housing lease, and if you need to break up with us, it won’t cost you a thing. And unlike a college ex, we’ll gladly take you back next semester. No strings attached.

But if you love your oxio internet as much as we do and want to bring it back with you to Mom and Dad’s, we also cover the costs of moving your service to a new address! The greatest gift you can give your folks after a semester away, is you. The second greatest gift is oxio internet.

A referral program to save you dough.

Student life has enough expenses. From rent to food, to boozeee… books! BOOKS! For any parents reading this, we definitely mean books.

oxio offers all of our customers a way to save big time on their monthly internet bill with our sweet, sweet referral program. But how does it work?

5. Spend your extra dough on… books.

With our referral program, some oxio customers even have their next 10+ years of internet completely free. That’s a lotta books.

Sustainably priced.

School has enough unpleasant surprises. Pop quizzes, labs, that paper that was due yesterday. It can be a pretty chaotic time in a student’s life.

The prices at oxio are made to last and provide you that much-needed peace of mind with a monthly bill that just stays the same. That means no random charges to your account. No annual price hikes. No having to bargain to get a better rate. The price you see is the price you pay for as long as you’re with us! (+ tax of course!)

100% digital. 100% simple.

We understand that student life is already pretty busy.

From lectures to the library to social events. The good news? With oxio’s 100% online customer care team, you can match with an agent faster than that campfire app.

Whether it’s to contact our team with a question or use the Client Portal for self-serve options, the oxio experience is 100% online to help fit in with your busy schedule. Plus, we know you don’t have time to waste being put on hold or transferred to someone else. Simply drop us a message and get back to what matters. Or, you may find what you’re looking for by checking out our handy FAQ.

At oxio, we understand that being able to get online for all of your student needs is vital. Whether it’s to get research for a paper, hop on an online course, take an online exam, or take a well-earned study break by streaming your new favourite series, oxio internet has your back. Just don’t forget about us when you become the next Prime Minister or win a Nobel prize!

Oh! Also, if you’re not sure which plan is best suited for your student needs, whether it’s to cover your basic necessities or max out speeds for faster respawns, you may find this helpful. > Which internet speed should you choose?

Shout out to Suzanne, Danilo, and Sav for always looking out and for the ever-appreciated feedback!

Picture of article author Shion Periy
Shion Periy

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