Interview with our #1 fan.
March 21, 2022

Interview with our #1 fan.

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David Purkis
Brand & Content Lead

You might have noticed a certain someone on pretty much all of our Facebook posts (and other social forums–shout out to Discord and Reddit). Well, this is her story. Since the summer of 2020, Isabelle Ouimet has been a stand-up oxio client and has really, like really, really, benefited from our referral program. She has become a legend here at oxio and today we’re sharing an interview between oxio and Isabelle–aka our #1 fan. This interview was originally in French. We did our best to stay true to Isabelle’s answers and didn’t cut or change anything. Buuuuut we couldn’t help adding in a comment or two.

Tell me a bit about your internet journey: what’s your history with telecoms, how long have you been navigating the world of internet providers, when and how did you hear about oxio, etc.?

I’ve been on the internet since when we connected through the telephone line and you had to wait for the beeps and chirps and fuzz to end before surfing the net. In my first apartment, shopping for a supplier was easy given the very few choices available. I started with Bell. Billing errors, waiting times for fixes, connection problems, annoying customer service. I ended up changing and finding a new internet provider that offered a price that corresponded a little more to my budget as a young adult and I liked the idea of ​​encouraging a new telecom. I [later] moved but this provider did not serve my area. I switched to Videotron. I've spent the most time with them, compared to the other providers I’ve used. Price increase on top of price increase, connection issues, network failing to cover my house. I ended up getting fed up. A friend had just subscribed to oxio and seemed very satisfied. I used his referral code and became your biggest fan :p

How would you describe your interactions with our customer service ?

I knew the principle of communicating by chat and text since my cell phone is with [another company] and they work the same way. oxio has by far the best customer service. I can easily compare my experiences and say that we really do feel oxio’s human side. No pre-written sentences. Clear, polite, and even funny sometimes. Generally, I feel like the customer service is always based on who I am, the vibe I’m giving off. I have always been well taken care of. Whoever answers me, I treat them with respect and I receive impeccable service. I haven't had to communicate with them very often because the product is great, but whenever I have had questions, they were there for me.

[Aside from the editor: Wow, ok, this is too much. Stop it please–you’re making us all blush.]

How much have you saved (so far) with oxio’s referral program?

More than I thought! Just to see, I had some fun doing a few calculations... For a home phone and 60 [Mbps] internet, I would say more than $800. And the beauty of this story is that I was able to improve my connection speed and with my phone line I have voicemail, call waiting and free long distance in Canada. Not to mention that I no longer need to pay overage fees, because the internet is actually unlimited.

[Aside from the editor: Seriously, we did not pay her to say any of that.]

What are your fav techniques for sharing your referral code?

I will only answer this question in the presence of my lawyer! LOL! All he allows me to divulge is my referral code →[CODE REMOVED FOR EQUALITY]← for one free month. Isn't it beautiful?

[Aside from the editor: You can find Isabelle’s code under pretty much all of our posts. So, to give everyone a fair chance and in keeping with the spirit of our referral program, we’re not sharing her code here.]

How much time and effort do you put in to covering your internet costs?

Time? Not much! Effort? None! I have never been so satisfied with a product. When I talk about it, it's with love and honesty. I believe in oxio and I think it shows. I was spending more time and had to put in more effort before getting better service or a better price. Now, it’s easy! My bill hasn’t changed. No price increases. My network is reliable and stable whether I'm in the basement or upstairs. So a quick 5 minutes here and there to share my oxio code, chat with someone who is wondering if they should switch, or better explain how it all works doesn't really feel like I’m putting in all that much time or energy.

So a quick 5 minutes here and there to share my oxio code, [...] doesn't really feel like I’m putting in all that much time or energy.

What do you think of our new look?

I love the simplicity. I find it easy to navigate the oxio site and find the information I need. Whether it's to find out how much a plan will cost, how it works, looking at my customer area, everything is there and everything is easy to understand. There's also a little something you can't find anywhere else. How can I describe it?! The only definition that comes to mind is that I feel the human character of oxio. It's not some big la-di-dah salesman who manipulates you to sell you a product. I can feel a human behind the writing style. And that speaks to me much more!

[Aside from the editor: Well, I’m very flattered.]

And why did you choose oxio?

At the beginning, it was about money and I was very unhappy with the stability of the network I was paying for. I did not know about oxio. I told myself that, at worst, I was going to have to go back to my old internet provider. My old provider constantly told me that it was an industry problem, that I was not the only one experiencing this network problem. So I had to constantly call them to do a “reset”. The problem would kind of disappear for a while and then I’d call back. Strangely, oxio uses my old provider's network and I’ve never had to contact them for a "reset".

Strangely, oxio uses my old provider's network and I’ve never had to contact them for a "reset".

Do you have any other comments or topics you want to share?

I hope that oxio will always remain close to its customers and that their human side, their honesty and their transparency, will always be qualities that they will put above time, above money. Yes to making money, of course! It's a business, they have to, it's completely normal. Grow big, grow strong, be the positive change we all need.

Honestly, I couldn’t have wrapped it all up better. So, I won’t even try.

Thank you Isabelle.

Picture of article author David Purkis
David Purkis
Brand & Content Lead

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