Tales from the internet: Hinge success edition.

Tales from the internet: Hinge success edition.

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Shion Periy

oxio has what we think are the coolest customers in Canada.

So we decided to pass the mic and hear some stories directly from oxio customers.

We interviewed an oxio customer who told us the following Hinge success story.

Me quickly looking up what Hinge is - Hinge is a dating app allegedly run by researchers, behavioural analysts, and matchmakers. It’s marketed as making “dating effective, not addictive.”1

For anonymity's sake, we’re going to call her…hmmm… let’s go with Allie. Yes, like in The Notebook. This is a tale of love after all.

“Allie” was born and raised in BC. She is a lover of dogs, hikes, and hopes to one day visit New Zealand. I had a great time chatting with her and learning how she found love online.

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The fault in our bars.

Note: This story is told in first person by our oxio customer. We kept everything as raw as possible and only changed some bits to help it flow when read.

So my partner and I met on Hinge.

I was on the app for a very short amount of time, so I didn’t have a lot of experience on there.

For my partner (let’s call him, yup you guessed it, Noah) he was on there on and off, so he wasn’t really checking it. So when the time came when I found his profile, he wasn’t really frequently on there at all, so it was kind of luck that he saw my message.

[Aside from the editor: Me having watched too many hopeless romantic series. No Allie, that’s called fate.]

So I was doom-scrolling2 on the app on a Friday night before going out with my friends. The pool was not great. But then I saw “Noah’s” photo and it was at a coffee shop and he obviously looked so great to me.

I found his profile really funny because all of his prompts were related to the food market in the summer.

His prompts were:

On our first date - We could go to the market.

My favourite thing to do - Is the market.

The best way to surprise me - The market.

[Aside from the editor: Any single readers take note. Organic plums. Purple garlic. The market.]

He was a chef so I found this hilarious.

If I like someone, I’d usually reply to one of their prompts, but I think I was maybe too lazy so I just liked his first photo. Which, usually on Hinge, means you’re not making much of an effort. If you really want to get someone's attention, you’d want to respond to a prompt with something cheeky or funny. So me just liking a photo with zero effort was, well, bad.

2 days later, Noah then noticed the like and messaged me after checking out my profile. From there we started talking, and it was non-stop.

[Aside from the editor: Me asking Allie if he used any sort of pickup line or was more of a casual “Oh hey.”]

I think it was more of a “Oh hey” and we pretty much just started talking about the farmer’s market. I needed to know what was so good about this market. Our conversation was really smooth and I remember talking about how we’d be laughing about organic plums at the market.

alt="Messages in a Hinge app chat talking about a date at the market with a purple heart sticker on the bottom left and sticker of eyes looking over on the right."
Exclusive messages from Day 1.

So fast forward and we were planning our first date, but he had to go back to his hometown for 2 weeks during the summer. We continued messaging, but typically on dating apps, you want to get off the app and meet in person. Usually going back and forth on the app just doesn’t work.

[Aside from the editor: This is how star-crossed love stories start.]

So knowing he wasn’t going to be in town, I was wondering if we’d actually keep up with messaging through the app and Instagram.

We ended up talking back and forth every single day until he was back in town. Sometimes up until 3 AM.

Now my concern was that he was so funny through texting, but I wasn’t sure if he’d be like that in real life. He finally came to town and we planned our first date to meet at a bar. It was September 3rd, and I had just moved to a new spot on September 1st.

My mom was over during this time helping me set up. September 3rd came and my mom was still there helping me build furniture and I was like, “Oh, I have a date can you drive me?”

So my Mom drove me to our first date.

I asked her to drop me off a block or two before since I was so embarrassed that at 24 years old my mom was dropping me off.

[Aside from the editor: Me chuckling but also thinking if it wasn’t for Mom coming to the rescue, this date may have never happened.]

alt="Screenshot of chat history on Hinge talking about lack of a mustache and a good market. Sticker of cartoon cat on bottom left."
More exclusive messages. Ahh the flirting stage.

So I’m at the bar, and later out I found out from Noah that he had biked over 30 minutes early because he was so nervous and sweating, so he chugged a couple of beers for a little bit of liquid courage. So anyway, we met, and we just like hit it off. It was an instant connection and we chatted for hours. We bar-hopped. We went swimming in the ocean.

[Aside from the editor: “Oh haha I thought all of this was on the same night for a second.”]

It is.

[Aside from the editor: “Wait, so you went… the bar-hopping, swimming in the ocean… all in one night?]

It was a crazy date. Yeah, we spent pretty much all night together and went swimming which was a funny bit. Then the next day he messaged me and was like,

So, you want to go to the market?

So went to the market for our second date, and an amusement park.

We shared “I love you” after 6 weeks and then became official. So everything was very quick. But for context, we’d both been in long-term relationships before and neither of us had ever been quick like that.

Fast forward another 6 months, he moved in, we got a dog, and then Noah proposed after about a year and a couple of months. So now, we’re getting married and it’s been a little over 2 years.

It’s very much if you know you know.

[Aside from the editor: Allie very much wanted this song included which sums up their relationship.]

[Aside from the editor: Allie & Noah tied the knot this past May and we’re so happy for them. You can find some pretty amazing connections online, and not just in terms of internet.]

Thank you to “Allie” for sharing your online love tale with us. It was a pleasure chatting with you and I’m excited to uncover more tales of online love from our oxio customers!

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